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Hole House

Hi, Folks,

After being contacted about a couple of concerns where the WestPennine link  bridleway goes past Hole House, Darwen I went on Saturday to meet the new, very amenable, owners.  They have rescued a sow who is, at the moment, in a pen at the side of the bridleway gate – not being “horsey” people they were unaware of the problems between pigs and horses . The intention is to move “Miss Piggy” to the other side of the yard  but ,obviously, time and expense  means that this will not happen immediately. Please be aware and patient. 

The owners have resurfaced the bridleway at the side of their property to a very high standard and also replaced the gate leading up to their house  with a five barred gate and a bridleway gate at the side – all at their own expense, I wish all landowners were as helpful.

The other concern was about large dogs. The two at Hole House , although large  are very friendly  but, more importantly, are well secured. There are several dogs in the property next door ( shared access) but,again, although very vocal are well secured.

The owners of Hole House are happy for folks to “knock on the door” if there’s a problem going past.

I would also ask folks to be on the lookout for cyclists(some!) careering past and if anyone locally has any knowledge of groups of young people going to the area to take drugs to contact the police ( there has been a large amount of detritus from drug taking left on the fields – not ideal with young children playing on the fields)


Many Thanks




Roddlesworth Woods

Hi  Kay, I just wanted to keep you up to date regarding works in Roddlesworth Woods. 


We are now in a position to begin the forest road construction works and so we have a start date of 5th June.  We anticipate the works will take around 4 weeks to complete, during which time the footpaths in the vicinity will be temporarily closed.  We have put up signs (see attached) informing visitors of the imminent works and the footpath closures including an alternative route avoiding the working area.  As soon as the work begins we will close the footpaths  for the Health & Safety of members of the public and the contractors.


Also, Roddlesworth Lane, leading off Bolton Road (A675) into the woods will be busy with heavy construction traffic for the period of the works.


As soon as the works are complete, the footpaths will be reopened.

Step Back Clough

Public Rights of Way have been in touch to say that United Utilities are starting the work to repair the washout at Step Back Clough on the 21st November, weather permitting. There will be a temporary closure notice in place from 21st November until the 23rd December. Will post any updates on the work

Proposed Woodland Managment At Roddlesworth Woods


United Utilities PLC are proposing to initiate a programme of woodland management at Roddlesworth Woods. Over the years very limited management of the woodland has taken place, particularly around Higher Roddlesworth Reservoir primarily due to the lack of suitable access for forestery machinery and vehicles to extract timber.

They are now in a position to begin developing a woodland infrastructure in this section to enable sustainable management to take place.

“The proposed works take into account the physical characteristics of the area and have recognised the potential to modify the age structure of the woodland. Opening up the canopy will allow more light through to the woodland floor which will encourage a higher plant diversity thus improving the area for birds and butterflies. Leaving timber on the ground will provide a range of micro habitats for insects and fungi. All this combines to improve the vatiety of life, or biodiversity, of the woodland”

The programme of work is expected to be carried out over a 2-3 year period beginning in January 2017 to 2019.

Prior to that an access road will be constructed from Roddlesworth Lane ( location A on the plan)to the dam at Higher Roddlesworth Reservoir (D)

Roddlesworth Lane will be resurfaced starting in the next week or so. – I have it on good authority that it will be stoned not tarmac.

I have also been in touch with the Woodland Officer who has agreed to keep me informed of  the locations that will be managed as and when. I will post so that riders are aware of possible difficulties when accessing the woods

Danbba ride 16 th October

After much deliberation, and an abortive attempt to find the route at Chipping(!), this months ride will be from Grainings Wood on the A666 at Darwen to ride over the moors to Darwen Tower. Usual starting time of 11am, diy lunch.Hope you will join us. Please contact me via the contact page by Friday evening  if you are riding, thank you.