Fun Trec Evening

Despite the terrible weather we had 15 entries for our Fun Trec evening and everyone had a great time ( so did the horses!) Many thanks, once again to Janet F. &Fred for the course design and construction, to Graeme (gofor), Janet G., Janet F for judging, to everyone who took part and helped to clear up afterwards. Not forgetting Ursula for the use of her superb arena.
The scores were as follows ( in no particular order):
June with Biscay 86; Ailsa with Stanley 107;Madeleine with Granger 112;Ruth with Dream 106; Janet with Bojangles 75; Yana with Stanley 100; Olivia with Winston 100;Shirley with Jake 115; Joanne with Molly 72;June with Biscay 112; Ben with Danny 84; Melanie with Milly 114;Olivia with Winston 92; David with Danny 95; Kay with Jake 128