Riding Etiquette

Please remember that all our rides are pleasure rides and that we do want everyone to enjoy them.
So, just a few rules:
Please contact Kay through the contact us pageĀ  to book your place on the ride ( that way if we need to cancel a ride for any reason we can contact you as early as possible).
Arrive in good time so that the ride leaves at the advertised time.
Don’t overtake the ride leader or take your own line. Please pass walkers at walk only. If your horse is known to kick, please put a red ribbon in it’s tail and stay at the back of the ride.
Don’t crowd other, unknown horses, this can create problems.
If you have a young/inexperienced horse please tell the ride leader or, preferably, contact a committee member beforehand so that suitable arrangements can be made.
Last, but not least, Hi-Viz for horse and rider, and evidence of third party insurance is obligatory.
We are sure that most people will accept that these points are common sense, but sadly that is not always the case. Thank you for your understanding.